Week 3 - A River Ride

Unfortunately, I was sick for a week, and last week was busy doing other things, so I missed a couple weeks worth of stories. The cherry blossoms have come and gone, and it's Spring in Korea! Yeah! Boo.

Yeah - it's getting warmer, and the sunlight is out longer.
Boo - it's getting warmer, and Spring is only a fleeting joke. Summer is long, hot and humid, and then the rains arrive. After the two weeks or so of rain, it becomes hotter and more humid, if one can believe in such things.

Still, Spring, Summer and Autumn mean warmth and bike rides! Yeah!

So today, in honor of it being comfortably warm (almost 70 F), I decided to put my new bike to a test - not to mention my own body.
Four Rivers Korea has four main rivers in the country. The Han River goes through Seoul and divides the city into north and south. The only other one I'm familiar with is the Yeongsonggang which was near Gwangju.

For the past several years, the government and others have pushed to clean up the …

Chapter Four - Capture the Shark

"This is probably the place," Ramses said, leaning against a post across the street from the Golden Cock. "It certainly appears to be the type of place he would go," Hugh agreed. "Let's just hope he's inside before we meet up with Medi and Luna. In a place like this, who knows what sort of trouble Mederei would find." "It does seem to stalk her, doesn't it?" Hugh pushed away from the railing to stalk across the street. "It's a family thing - they're all attractive to trouble." "Don't you mean attracted to trouble." "Not in the least ... Well, Brys might be, but he's in his twenties now, and an important member of the family, so he's had to curtail his attraction. Still, though. The lot of them are always followed by trouble." Inside the Golden Cock, smoke curled around the tables, crept along the floorboards and oozed out into the street. The stench of stale urine, old beer, and sweat min…

Chapter Three - Trouble Calling

"I feel like I've read this part already," Mederei muttered as they circled the port city where they had entered the island. "Same location, different ending," Luna promised. She leaned over the side of Hugh's body to look between the crevice of his wing and body to the earth below. "Any idea where we will find  him?" "This town has several bars, brothels and other locations," Ramses said. "Any one of them could be the place, so we'll have to split up to find him. Hugh and I will start down by the water front, and you two start upland farther." "You just want us away from the action," Mederei complained. Keeping you as far away from any action as possible is always the top priority, Hugh informed her. For someone as small as you are, you manage to find more trouble. Mederei patted his neck. "You are absolutely no fun, and who are you calling small? I have you know I am above average in height, and only slightly ab…

Week 2 - Palaces and Art

Did you know that there was a Korean Empire in the late Nineteenth and early Twentieth Centuries?

I remembered (vaguely) reading about it when I was first preparing to move to Korea, but hadn't thought about it until this past weekend. I learned about it while walking through the National Museum's exhibition on the time period.

Like all capitals, Seoul is filled with a myriad of museums, important buildings, famous statues and streets. This past weekend in Seoul was also filled with the energy which comes from watching justice stand firm. While I didn't go downtown to celebrate on Friday or Saturday, I was in the area on Sunday, and there was still a feeling of elation as I walked along the path where thousands had marched and protested week after week until finally watching their president leave office.

There's no better place to see the long and short history of this country. The Republic of Korea, or South Korea as we mostly refer to it, is very young. Established i…

Chapter Two - Chicken Business

This is Chapter Two in Mederei's story. Chapter One introduced the characters. 
It was like every other dead end town in every other part of the Forty Isles. The same people probably lived there as well - the poor, the lost and those running away from whatever chased them. Of course, there were those who claimed to love their town. Those who wanted to see it grow into something better; those who fought tooth and nail to keep it the same. Those who loved the peace and solitude coming from small town life. How could anyone choose to live in this hot part of Caergwl├ón when the main island was - for the most part - a lush, verdant land of wealth and beauty? Surely the ones who lived on this island had lost their minds. Ramses pushed open the door to the doctor's office. It was a normal office of one who practiced medicinal herbs. There was a waiting area and two examining rooms between the entrance and surgery. A locked cabinet indicated the location of the powerful herbs, while a gl…