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So, I feel it's time for me to have a bonafide author's website. I'm currently working on it, and will eventually have it switched over sometime in September. It's vaguely exciting (something new) and scary (something new). I have high hopes that it'll make what is here a little more organized and navigable.

Just a warning that because of it, posts will be down to nothing for the next few weeks. Also, I am currently editing Mederei's novel, so I will have more posts coming up soon. Yeah! Until then, stay cool. Seoul's been horribly hot this summer.
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Chapter Twenty - Bastllyr

Sorry for the delay on publishing, but here is the next chapter in Mederei's adventures. Currently, I have finished the book (wild cheering), but I have come to the conclusion that I need to improve my battle scenes. To that end, the upcoming chapters may not be ... as high of quality as I hope. 

“Climbing up the hill we go, we go; along the merry paths we go, we go. Sunshine fading, 'ventures waiting, up we go, we go,” Mederei sang, slightly off key as they climbed. “Can't you think of a better song than that?” Caradoc grumbled, four steps ahead of her. “But it's perfect. We're climbing up the mountain to the sunshine and the god.” “You've been singing it nonstop for the past ten minutes. Come up with another song. Anything.” “It might have been me there with you; it might have been me, and my dreams coming true.” “UGH!” “You wanted another song.” “Anything but that sappy song! It gets stuck in your brain ...” They walked in silence around a series of large boulders o…

Chapter Nineteen - Negotiations

And we're back! Apparently my computer was sick, needed a reboot and now I'm in the process of organizing it all over again. Ah well. 

She was annoyingly brilliant, stubborn and naive; he was equally brilliant and stubborn, but not as naive. Kiango and Mederei were too valuable to the kingdom to remain in constant battles, but that's where they often found themselves. Both trying to solve a problem to help their families, friends or kingdom, but often going about it the completely opposite ways. Both had the power and prestige related to their families, and both wielded that power in strange and unusual ways. Kiango used his influence to lead the younger members of the society, but unlike other members of the royal family, had little magic. Mederei's magical power had to remain regulated and hidden because of the rules. How much of Mederei's ability Kiango knew about though ... They would always remain in conflict with one another, but there had to be some way they c…

Technical Difficulties

Currently, my computer doesn't like me very much and as such accessing the internet is beyond its capabilities. So until things are sorted, Mederei's story will be on an unexpected hiatus. Make certain to like the Bridgette ni Brian Facebook page for updates as well.

Chapter Eighteen - The Trail Upwards

"So, what are we going to do?" Caradoc said looking at the tapestry in the grotto. It was still quiet, but there were a few tourists in the area looking at the various items. "It's not like we can just simply take it down and go, you realize." "Of course, I realize that," Mederei snorted as she crossed her arms. "What do you make me for - a rebel?" Caradoc mimicked Mederei's stance. "Yes, you little monster. Who was the one who left the family business to become a mage." "I was already a mage, I just now can practice and perfect my skills legally." "Legally, my foot." The Gwion tongue was unattainable by any who could not have access to the family. Even those born as Gwion without the Gwion in their lives were unable to fully understand the language. It was an old tongue with a handful of texts - all guarded by a series of impenetrable shields save for the Gwion. They were some of the last vestiges of a kingdom l…