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Adventures Beginning

First semester has ended for my students, and I have some free time on hand. Added to the recent increases in Covid cases here in Korea, it has been abnormally slow. This has provided time for me to process and think.

Truthfully, the entire pandemic has been practical for that, but that's another topic.

Most importantly, it's given me plenty of down time for books not for writing, alas, but for processing stories and plans. While I still want to see Mederei's stories to be published, I realized that at this moment, they need a lot more work. Also, they need to have their world developed a lot more. This led me into focusing on other minor characters and worlds. Fun stories that are a series of novella length stories. Not too long; not too short. But even those take time to develop.

Even this turned out to be a good thing. It's allowed me to play around with stories I had no idea what to do with, as well as process how to handle Azure Maris and Orfhlait - stories I want to see finished, but admit that I'm no longer in a place to finish their stories as they are currently written.

The good news - it means I can go back and edit the novels, revamp them completely, and create them into newer storylines. The bad news - it takes time and energy to do that. In reorganizing the stories, I am also able to add new characters that don't have enough for their own stories.

So, over the next couple of months, I'll share more often what is happening in the world of writing. I'm also going to update Leon le Chat's page more often. That will primarily focus on travel, pets, and Korea, so you'll see more day-to-day things. Leon isn't with me at the moment, but hopefully he'll be able to come home in February.

I finally feel like I'm in a spot where I can create again. It's a relief and scary at the same time. Mainly, it's a great joy - to be able to dedicate more time to writing, devloping stories, editing, and connecting with people.

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