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Rabbit Review - A Conspiracy of Magic Series

Witches, private detectives, a serial killer ... nope, it isn't Jack the Ripper meets the wizarding world. It's A Conspiracy of Magic series by Luanne G. Smith.

This series takes place in Victorian Britain - Book 1, The Raven Spell is set in London; Book 2, The Raven Song is set in Scotland. The series focuses on two witches (used for both genders): Edwina Blackwood and Ian Cameron.

Edwina and her twin sister, Mary, live in London where they run an antique store. The sisters love collecting bright and shiny things and their father felt that a store would keep the clutter down. As the story progresses, it is revealed that Edwina and Mary have lost their parents - though they don't know what happened to either parent. One day they went out for a walk ... and never returned.

Additionally, both sisters have caused problems so the family has had to move around. London seems to be the best location for them to be able to live with some freedom.

Meanwhile, Ian works as a private detective and has a job in London looking for a wealthy and famous witch's son. The son has disappeared, and his father is concerned. Unfortunately for Ian - he's lost his memories.

The second book, The Raven Song, answers a lot of the questions established in the first book including why the twins are the way they are and where their parents have gone.

I enjoyed the two books, and read them back-to-back. The characters were well-developed and unique. The twins were distinct, and how they each responded to their problems made sense within the context of their world and family.

The start was a little slow, but that is to be expected when developing a new series. Despite the slow start, it was still engaging - much like mixing ingredients for bread - it's slow, but there is still a lot happening.

There are plenty of twists and turns not only in each book, but in the series as well. It kept me engaged until the end.

What I enjoyed was the murder mystery aspect in The Raven Spell whereas in The Raven Song it was more of an adventure book. Both worked well together, and I highly recommend the series if one enjoys mysteries, Victorian era, or fantasy.

Book covers - Raven Spell has a box of trinkets; Raven Song is in a library.
Kindle covers of the two books

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