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Introducing: Goshin, Royal Scribe

I am going to share one of my deepest, darkest secrets (sshhh, don't let anyone know), but I have always wanted to be a voice actress. Not just any voice actress, I have wanted to go back in time to the 1930s and 1940s when radio was young and be a radio voice actress. In fact, I decided that if I ever had the change to go back in time, I would go to the mid-1920s, become a journalist and start a radio show.

Now, I can have that chance!

I ordered a microphone from Amazon, and it arrived (finally). The purpose of this is two-fold: first, I want to start podcasting because I enjoy listening to them, and I feel it will be a good avenue to help with Bridgette ni Brian. Second, I want to produce audio dramas, and having the necessary equipment is important.

Guild of the Royal Scribes

The first audio drama will be Goshin: The Royal Scribe. I know it lacks pizzazz, but I think it will be a fantastic story. It follows Goshin, a young scribe as she navigates the royal court life around King Vancel. This is a fantasy series set in the same world as Mederei, but it takes place two thousand years beforehand and on a different island, so most of what is in Mederei's world, doesn't exist.

Goshin, aged 21, is a new royal scribe. She has worked as a junior scribe for the past two years in her own kingdom, but has been recently assigned a new job in another kingdom. The ruler was crowned the same day as Goshin arrived, and it is soon clear that things are not all as they seem. This series is filled with political intrigue and humor and told entirely through Goshin's eyes.

Inspiration for the story came through a bit of information a friend of mine told me about Korean history. In the Joseon time period, the kings had royal scribes who followed them around everywhere, recording every little bit of information - even that which the kings did not want published. Now, these records give historians a plethora of interesting facts about life in the royal court. Some of the scribes, apparently, disliked their kings, and one can tell through the writing.

I found it fascinating, and wanted to play around with the idea, but instead of historical fiction, I chose fantasy. After all, Mederei's world is fascinating and has a long history and varied cultures. I will begin to post episodes in late July, early August.

Until then, stay tuned for random updates through the summer.

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