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Autumn Arrives

My favorite time of the year is autumn. I love the cool weather, the brilliant colors, and the feeling of the season. My favorite holiday happens to be Halloween, and if I could have a world that was autumn all year, I would probably be bored, but happy for awhile.

For me, autumn is a time that allows us to reflect on our days and consider what we want to do.

Coffee, Computers and Planning

But, of course, autumn is also important because it is NaNoWriMo time!!!

This year, I'm going to get a head start on my plotting (or not), but at least I'm going to plan out what my novel is going to be. I have yet to decide exactly what I want to do this year, but it will come.

I just finished a novel in September, so October will be a month off. This week, I am editing my novel then sending it to Hallmark Publishing for submission. I'm not certain if it is exactly what they want, but I can assure you, this is going to be a good little series.

The series, Lancaster Aloysius, is set in Lancaster, PA, and follows the mystery solving skills of Aloysia Van Sickle, a local woman who has recently returned to the area after being away for awhile. She is a tapestry weaver, but also has a bent for puzzles.

She is joined by her love interest, Jeremiah Keast (known simply as Keast) who is a detective in the Lancaster PD. He is formerly Amish, but writes science fiction. He is an odd mixture.

I have been wanting to write their story for sometime, and have a few stories already started. They intrigue me because I find the opposites in Lancaster interesting. Since most people think about Lancaster as Pennsylvania Dutch Country with their Amish buggies, Amish quilts, Amish carpentry, and well, anything Amish, it surprises people when they learn that there is a good sized city in the area with a thriving art scene.

It's this contrasting world that I investigate in the series. The first book focuses on a robbery at an art gallery, and the on-going relationships that weave through the countryside.

I look forward to publishing this series next year. Whether it goes through Hallmark Publishing or another publisher, I think Lancaster Aloysius has a lot going for it.

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