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Ride a Bike - Gain Perspective

Spring is nearly here!

This winter in Korea had several days of snow. I was not pleased about this because ... well, snow and I do not like each other. So, getting out to bike was a wonderful experience on Tuesday. Yesterday and today, I even managed to bike to work. I feel much better now.

Here's a lovely photo of my trip over vacation. I was close to the Han River, but not quite there. Often, I find that going out for a bike ride helps me clear my head and think. This is especially nice when I have a lot of writing to do, but uncertain about how to proceed.

Books are often the main problem. I have ideas, but how to organize, sort, and develop the idea tends to be a problem. So I think about it as I ride my bike.

What are some of the ways you help clear your head when working on a book?

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