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New and Improved

So, I finally decided that the blog only format simply wasn't working for me. Here's my new and improved website format. Eventually, we'll have a store where I'll be able to sell the little knick-knacks and what-nots that I create as well as links to books.

As other things are changing, I'm working to building up images, videos and posts both on Facebook, Instagram and here. It's a process, but a good one. Call it the Mid-Year Resolutions. These are the steps I'm taking to become a more professional writer. Little by little, scary moments as I venture out into this brave new world.

To that end, however, what would you like to see here on the blog? Book reviews, stories and travels will remain. I am attempting to add videos to the repertoire so would you like to see some of Seoul? Other travels? Let me know in the comments or through Facebook. Make certain you check out the Instagram feed as well.


Gwangju South Korea

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