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Introducing: Hugh Black

Hugh is a demihabil - a dragon who has a human form. He is the eldest of the main characters, and also the grandson of their guild master.

Hugh's Inspiration

Considered to be one of the Heritage Gwion, Hugh and Mederei are distantly related. They also share a group of cousins. Mederei's aunt is married to Hugh's uncle. Hugh considers Mederei to be one of his best friends, and feels honor bound to protect her.


Hugh is a member of the powerful Black family - they are connected to the demihabil royal family, but are considered one of the noble families. His grandfather is the current head of their mage guild. Since Hugh is a dragon, his magic is both his ability to transform between his two shapes as well as fire.

He is the third eldest in his family, and his brother and sister are both involved the politics of their race. Hugh has pulled himself away from it.


Like Mederei, Hugh is a member of the Fire Shadow Guild. His grandfather is their master, and Hugh has been a member since he was fourteen - the earliest he could join without his parents' permission. To begin, he relied on Mederei's help to do bigger jobs in the surrounding countryside, but when he turned sixteen, he began to take on jobs alone, as well as with his best friend, Ramses who had recently joined the guild. Though Hugh enjoys working with Mederei, he often takes on jobs without her.


Hugh's magic is fire based. His body temperature runs hot, and he can both create fire from any part of his body, as well as turn any portion of his body into fire. Since he is a dragon, he can also transform at will. All demihabil are born in human form, but can transform at a young age.


Hugh developed from the desire to write a cool dragon character - I've always loved dragons, and wanted one Mederei's friends to be a dragon. Also, since I usually write with two male/two female characters, Hugh was a perfect alternate magical character. I also wanted someone that Mederei could trust completely with her secret, as well as someone who has seen her through many of her darker times.

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