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Happy Holidays!

So, it's been busier than I expected it would be the past couple months. Holidays.

The best part, though, was my mom coming to visit with a friend of ours. It was fun to see some of my favorite places in the city (where I don't usually go unless I'm with guests) and explore a new part of Korea.

Mom and I in Busan

Busan was amazing. As the second largest city in Korea, it is in many cases the opposite of Seoul. I was told that it was more similar to LA than NYC (Seoul being more like NYC). Busan is in the southeastern corner of the peninsula and is the main seaport of the country. While it does grow cold there in the winter, it isn't as cold as Seoul.

Behind us is a part of Busan known for it's beautiful, and brightly colored buildings. Gamcheon Culture Village was the result of refugees from the Korean War, but as it lies on the edge of Busan, it isn't wildly known.

A beautiful part of Busan

Most of Korea is rather hilly, so many places are built right on the hillside, such as this part. To maintain its culture and history, the inhabitants have a walking tour. It also has wonderful little cafes and interesting art.

I'll return in the new year with more stories from the Forty Isles and life here in Korea. See you then.

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