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Contemporary Fantasy/Science Fiction

Azure Maris

The first in Azure Maris' series. What does it mean to be a mermaid out of water? Azure Maris, princess of Deep Waters is grounded in the Chesapeake Bay region. She must learn how to live life above the waves  while she strives to return home. She cannot return home since the sea kingdom off the coast opposes Azure’s kingdom. In addition, Azure finds that she is the object of affection to Mano Leo-mana, a sumu ba-ashma—fallen angel— who desires to destroy Deep Waters. Azure knows of the sumu ba-ashma, but has never met one, nor deflected the romantic attentions of one.

The Frankels, who took Azure into their home, realize that God, as well as His creation, is bigger than they ever thought possible. Hiram and Helen Frankel struggle with the news that Azure has revealed, even as they struggle with the concept of their son, Eliam falling in love with Azure ... and she with him.

Not all that resides below the waves honors the Most High. Not everything that swims in the waters is as it appears. The question becomes clear: when fallen angels walk and mermaids dance, just how big is your God?

Azure Lights

In Azure Lights, the question Azure asks is: What happens when the safest place for you is in the center of the storm? Azure, Eliam and Mitch arrive at the island where Hiram's parents live, but Azure learns that not everything is as it appears. While Mano Leo-mana seems distant, his presence and power is felt everywhere. Despite the fears and dangers, hope arrives at the island in the form of Azure's brothers, Yo ash and Brun. Together, the youngest three members of the Deep Waters priesthood learn about the history of the island and its connection to Deep Waters. With the help of her friends and family, Azure discovers why Mano Leo-mana pursues her as well as how she can dissuade him. Struggles arise, though, as Azure realizes that the path laid out before her seems counter-intuitive to what the Lord would desire to her to do. Who are these shamans that control the villages on the island? Will her presence bring more troubles to the villagers who follow the Most High? The path is now clear, but the darkness settles around Azure Maris. When the Lord s path leads into darkness - do you follow?

Historical Murder Mystery

Shamrocks of Stone

When everything seems to go wrong, is it because God has forgotten that he loves his children? Shamrocks of Stone is set in the year 1405 when Aidan mak Brian the Red is murdered. Orfhlait ní Sorcer, daughter of the king, believes that it is her fault that Aidan died. After all, God has forgotten that He loves her, therefore laying a curse not only on her life, but also on the lives of her friends. Sentenced to the convent because of a hasty vow made before her birth, Orfhlait struggles with her position in life as a nun a woman who should never be a nun. Now, she has the opportunity to prove not only to herself that she is worthy of love, but also to God Himself that she is worthy of His love. Yet following the trail to Aidan's killer uncovers darkness in her father's kingdom. The selling of Christians was outlawed by the pope, but people are captured and sold into slavery in the Five Kingdoms. Who are these merchants that purchase nothing from monks? Why do the monks sleep away from the safety of monastery and castle? Not all is as it seems in Eire ... and Orfhlait ní Sorcer plans to learn why ... even if it means with her life for then she would finally be free.


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