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Technical Difficulties

Currently, my computer doesn't like me very much and as such accessing the internet is beyond its capabilities. So until things are sorted, Mederei's story will be on an unexpected hiatus. Make certain to like the Bridgette ni Brian Facebook page for updates as well.

Chapter Eighteen - The Trail Upwards

"So, what are we going to do?" Caradoc said looking at the tapestry in the grotto. It was still quiet, but there were a few tourists in the area looking at the various items. "It's not like we can just simply take it down and go, you realize." "Of course, I realize that," Mederei snorted as she crossed her arms. "What do you make me for - a rebel?" Caradoc mimicked Mederei's stance. "Yes, you little monster. Who was the one who left the family business to become a mage." "I was already a mage, I just now can practice and perfect my skills legally." "Legally, my foot." The Gwion tongue was unattainable by any who could not have access to the family. Even those born as Gwion without the Gwion in their lives were unable to fully understand the language. It was an old tongue with a handful of texts - all guarded by a series of impenetrable shields save for the Gwion. They were some of the last vestiges of a kingdom l…

Chapter Seventeen -The Island Change

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a Happy Easter. My weekend was quite busy (hence the fact this is posted today). I hope you enjoy it.
The next day, Mithrilanna had to return to Damla, and it provided the best time for Luna to visit the island. Mederei, however, was going to remain on the mainland. "Why aren't you going to return?" Mithrilanna inquired over breakfast. "Those tapestries were made by our ancestors," Mederei answered, motioning between herself and Caradoc. "We need to figure out what makes them work beyond our own magic. Something is connected to them, but we don’t know what." "Besides, my magic might work better there," Luna explained. "I tend to do history better than Medi does when it comes to anyone besides the Gwion. Her magic can be showy, mine is more book related." Mithrilanna shrugged in agreement but said nothing else as she ate her toast. She swallowed the bite of toast back with coffee before asking…