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Chapter Sixteen - Cafes and Puzzles

“What have you found so far?" Mederei inquired from the coffee shop near the hotel. They had finished their meal and wandered over to find coffee and explain what they had heard. Mithrilanna and Luna, who were still out and about, listened through their glasses. Mederei had propped her glass up against an empty mug so everyone could see each other. Well, when Luna wasn't shifting her glass at odd angles. "Not much, but I happened to find Thuweni earlier," Luna said. "He said that the prince is here to save the area from a five-hundred-year disaster. There's also a book about Damla Isle that Kiango loved as a child. You don't happen to have it, do you?" Mederei snorted. "Didn't even know he could read until a couple years ago." Ramses blew out his breath. "You're being more obnoxious than normal, Medi. What is with the two of you?" "Life in general," Caradoc assured him with a wave of his coffee. He set the mug on …

Welcome Back

So, January and February are all over, and it's (finally) starting to warm up in Seoul. Yeah!
For those of you who pay attention to the news, there was a little thing called the Winter Olympics happening in Korea. I didn't make it up, but I saw a lot more people than normal.

I, however, had a better February experience in that my mom came to visit me. It's been two years since I saw my family in person, so it was really nice to have someone here with me. We got to see all the wonderful sites that make Seoul so wonderful.

I'll be starting up the stories again in two weeks (March 17th). I hope you all have a wonderful March!