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Chapter Fifteen - Lines

"It is most unusual to find one of the mages out in places like this," a male voice spoke from behind Luna as she and Mithrilanna wandered through the busy pedestrian only tourist funnel. The street itself was shaped like a funnel with a wide entrance off the main street which slowly narrowed until it led into a den of alleyways and tunnels. They remained in the tourist area, but in the not so nice tourist area. Mithrilanna had wanted to leave a block or two back, but Luna sensed something important. Her mother had always said Luna had inherited a knack for finding things. Little did she know that it would be a person and not a thing. This particular person was expected in the region, but his appearance wasn’t especially welcoming. "Thuweni," Luna greeted, turning only slightly to confirm the voice did belong to the name. She glanced around the area. That voice rarely traveled without a second one. "Is Kiango present?" "He's currently at the libra…

Chapter Fourteen - The Library

Libraries, no matter how well they tried to maintain cleanliness, normally smelled like old books, especially in the sections where old books were kept. While most bibliophiles loved the smell of old books, when confronted with the reason, they lost some of the magic. It was the rotting of paper which produced the smell, not necessarily a pleasant thought. Still, the smell wasn't exactly unpleasant, just better not to know all the facts. Much of life was that way. A beautiful color could be achieved by deadly poison - so long as the process to create the dye was conducted in a well-ventilated courtyard, and proper care taken to cover nose and mouth. Even people could be the same way - beautiful to look at, but once one realized the magic involved to make them look such, the beauty was lost. Now, if only certain princes could magically make their personality more attractive, the world would be a better place. Why was Kiango in the area? What could he possibly want and or need out her…