Delays for Geek Fun

So this past weekend was Comic Con here in Seoul. Unfortunately, it means that I didn't have time to edit appropriately. I will add Chapter 8 - The Grotto's Secret on Saturday with the following chapter back on normal schedule. 

As for Comic Con, it was the first time I had ever attended one so I thoroughly enjoyed myself. 
Inside Comic Con, Day 2
It was Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but I was only there Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, I dressed up as a modern Jane from Tarzan. It was fun. Today, friends and I went through as members of SIMS. 

Then there were three
First there were two
 The one on the left is the creator of these fabulous little trinkets. They succeeded, and were brilliant for finding one another in the crowd.

The cosplay (costumes) were amazing. Mine wasn't so great, but I saw some beautiful ones throughout the course of the weekend. 

My favorite part - besides being there and seeing so much geek - was my bag. I liked this not so much because it's fantastic, but because it turned out better than I expected it to. It's another one of the wearable art items. I love having the ability to create items with electronics. I don't like making robots, but I like adding sparkle and shine to my things.  Since I went as Jane, I wanted to add something to my bag connected with Jane and Tarzan. This line is one of my favorites: "Are you sure it's sanitary?"

My family knows that I'm slightly scared of germs. Not a lot, but I tend to take the safe road when possible. 
I hope some of you were able to enjoy gathering with fellow geeks whenever possible. It's an awesome opportunity to meet people on your same wavelength. I'm fortunate that my family is fairly geeky, just not quite the same level of geek.


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