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Chapter Nine - Caves and Connections

The cave lived and breathed. The rock and earth moved as the magic energy within pulsed towards and away from the depths of the place in the rhythmic heartbeat that was magic. It was fractured though, like a rhythm that was ever so slightly out of sync. Like a person clapping to music, but not being on the right rhythm therewith. The walls of the cave were smooth to sight, but rough under Ramses' calloused fingers. There was a great deal of energy surrounding him here. He'd have to be careful. There had only been one other time he had felt that much energy flowing around him had been shortly before his mother died. That was when they had gone to the royal isle, the former territory of an ancient kingdom of the coast of his homeland. It had been abandoned a millennia or two before, but the palace and lands remained. He had always been small as a child - not until moving to Caergwl├ón had he grown to his present height and size. Among his people, he would be considered large. It …

Chapter Eight - The Grotto's Secret

"That's it?" Luna held up a hand. A moment later, the spell snapped and a bright light popped from the hole before shooting up an invisible seam. It ricocheted around the wall before reaching the ceiling to shoot off in three different directions and reunite on the opposite side. There, a line came down along the right side of the door. About a third the way down, it paused a moment before separating again, this time sending off flashes of light at spots where it separated again until the entire image of a woman revealed itself in yellow light which eventually faded to orange as though magma. "That's a witch hole; it shows unseen things hidden by wizards." Luna stood in front of the image of the woman. "Something's strange, though, here." "Like how?" Luna dipped her wand towards the image and pulled back the line of light. "It's a facade." Whipping her wand back, she removed the thin veneer of stone and light and cast it asi…