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Chapter Seven - The Grotto

Somewhere to the west of them, Mederei, Hugh and Ramses flew towards a storm. What was about those three? Before Mederei joined the guild officially six months previous, had Luna gone with either Hugh or Ramses on missions. Mederei had, when the time called for it, but usually she would help Luna. However, when Mederei did go with Hugh and Ramses - those two always worked together - there always seemed to be some sort of adventure. Shortly after Ramses and his sister joined the guild, Mederei and Caradoc had come for a visit. It was Luna's first time ever meeting one of the Gwion males up close. She had posters of some of the Gwion, mainly Mederei's brother, Tewdr and another cousin or two because there were the most common members of the family who were out and about. Then there was Caradoc. He was inhumanly handsome, and really nice. He wasn't rowdy like Hugh could be, and he wasn't moody like Ramses sometimes was. Nope, Caradoc was a breath of fresh air, a force to …

Chapter Six - Island of Tears

Twenty minutes into their flight, Hugh hit an air pocket and dropped several meters. The ocean below them churned under wind and currents. He righted himself before a sudden gust of wind pelted them, causing them to plummet towards the ocean. The tips of his wings on the down flap brushed through water.  That was fun. Mederei clung to Ramses. "Warn us next time." Can't warn when I don't know. The air is highly unstable around here. Hugh hovered for a moment. Highly unstable, he repeated.  "Stupid air pockets," Mederei grumbled.  "Is there a reason for the instability?" Ramses inquired.  "No magic," Mederei muttered. "You can't tell with your head buried in my back," Ramses said. "I didn't see any." "For someone as reckless as you are ..." She's scared of falling, Hugh interrupted. He banked slightly to fly along the ocean surface. We can go back if you want. "Where are you three going?" Luna's…