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Chapter Five - Coffee and Tea

Editorial note: in the process of editing the first portion of the series, I ended up changing the race that Hugh is a part of from the demidrake to the demihabil. Other than that slight change, I hope you continue to enjoy the series!

Everyone loved coffee and tea, drinking one or both was a national pastime, as was the eternal debate between which was better. Consensus, it turned out, was coffee in morning and after dinner, tea whenever they felt like it. Coffee shops in tourist attractions were open all day, and the best of them was Eight O'Clock Somewhere because that was the time most people ate dinner or breakfast depending on the time of day.  The shop, like most of the places in the city, was busy.  "Maybe we should come back later?" Luna suggested, looking at the line as it snaked out of the front doors and down along the boardwalk. "We still have to make it to the Wido Mage Guild, to introduce ourselves." "Good idea," Mederei agreed, turning to g…

Chapter Four - The Board and Council

The town center was the oldest and grayest part of the town, though, even there the buildings were still colorful with the stone buildings being blue-gray, pink-gray and lavender-gray. In the center of town, marking the absolute center of the town, was a park area with a fountain in the center, the fountain led down into an underground grotto which was currently overflowing with people not unlike the fountain above it. “Looks like it’s connected,” Ramses said. “I think Mederei said it was had healing properties.” “That would be the place to look for the tapestries.” “Mama,” a child whispered loudly. Why was it when children whispered they yelled? “Why is that man so brown?” “Shh, honey, he’s probably from the capital region.” “No, Mama, they’re black, he isn’t. He’s brown, and scary looking.” The boy, blonde haired and blue eyed like his mother, was probably from the town. It was said that on the Isle of Caergwl├ón, the darkest were those in the capital and from there, they lost their color…