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Chapter Three - The Flatlands

Known for its expansive, rugged beauty, the Flatlands Province of Caergwl├ón covering most of the western portion of the kingdom was known formerly for its inhospitable terrain and outlaws. Craggy rocks, marsh lands and the constant wind swept seas made for beautiful paintings, majestic clouds and lonesome thoughts, but the inhabitants were hardy, loving hard-working, and disinclined to listen to reason or authorities. In the town of Rukisismos, at the western most part of the province, the ocean was at the edge of the town. The city was one of the most popular places to vacation on the island, and trains came from all directions – north, south, and east. A port for ships was also busy with ships arriving from the Forty Isles, and kingdoms around the world. As one of the main harbors, there was a vibrancy to the town, especially in the spring and summer. It was a tourist place, though, and most of the boats arriving were small pleasure yachts. One of the cities farther down the coast ha…

Chapter Two - Dragons

From above them, on the second-level balcony where Gramps' office was, Gramps watched them. Hugh, observing his grandfather excused himself for another drink, but instead went upstairs. Confronting Gramps wasn’t something Hugh took lightly, but Gramps had already made a move by discussing the situation with Mederei. While it wasn’t unusual for masters to offer advice for guild members, they mainly remained out of the situations. When they did intervene, it often meant something was wrong, or the individual needed extra guidance. Gramps, especially, tended to leave his guild members, or family as he referred to them, do their own thing. It was his way. While everyone knew Hugh was their master’s grandson, no one could say Hugh was given special treatment. Mederei, despite her relation to Gramps, was also given free rein to do as she pleased. What was their master thinking? “What's wrong?” Ramses asked, falling into step beside Hugh at the top of the stairs. Below them, Luna and …