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Week 1 - Beyond the Heart of Seoul

I just moved to Seoul - crazy busy, bustling packed Seoul. It's a city like none other I have visited, except maybe Paris or New York City. I don't even live in the center of Seoul, but on the far eastern edge - so close, in fact, that my new school is in the next city over.

My place and school are in the middle of housing developments, and the places keep growing. Most of the area has been built in the past five to seven years. Seoul is a quickly expanding city, but it's amazing beautiful and complex.

The Han River from one of the bridges
The city is separated into two portions by the Han River (in the photo above). The older part of the city is to the north, and the southern part is to the south. On Wednesday, we had a day off from school, and I went bike shopping. I found a new bike after some hunting, and managed to bike all the way back from Jamsil (the region to the west of mine) home along the Han River's bike path. It was a beautiful day.

Olympic Park Entrance
I was all of five years when the 1988 Olympics came to Seoul. I remember nothing, but the entrance is impressive. I haven't actually explored within (I was on the hunt for a bike shop and school shoes). Later, I'm going to take the chance to explore the area.

I did manage to find a pair of sneakers that fit. I chose a mustard colored set because I would never wear them anywhere else, and I wanted something bright for school. For those who don't know, schools in Korea (and hagwons like where I previously worked) require students and teachers to where slippers. A better way to explain it, though, is indoor shoes. It doesn't matter what you wear so long as they are meant for in the building and not outside. Generally, I like the concept because it keeps the dirt, mud and water outside. I dislike it when I don't want to change (like in the winter).

On Friday night, I managed to get lost. Yeah me, but I righted myself soon enough. As I write this, I'm back down in Gwangju (though by the time it's posted, on Monday, I will be back in Seoul). I came down to say good-bye to some I couldn't beforehand, and to pick up some things I had left here. It's fun being a tourist. I found a hostel on the backside of where I'm used to, and after getting lost (again), and with some help from a local, I am safely settled in for the evening.

Seoul will be a fun city to explore.

Editor's note:  Due to the wifi situation in my new place, I'm not going to be able to post as often as I had hoped. That being said, I do hope to become more regular as times goes forward. I plan to post Seoul updates on Mondays and Forty Isles updates on Saturday. Please be patient until I'm finally settled.


  1. You are on quite an adventure! I'm happy to catch up with you here. :-)


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