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NaNoWriMo 2017

I'm writing this to give everyone a little warning - November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), and I'm participating in it again this year. That being said, the updates for Mederei's storyline might be delayed once or twice.

Mederei's story is progressing quickly, and I'm working on the next steps to begin publishing again. Often times, I feel like it's the picture above - so many paths to take, but at the same point, all of them take work.

Still, working on NaNoWriMo provides the opportunity to work on a novel I've been wanting to write. It's set in Seoul in the not-to-distant future, but follows an alternate timeline. It's a cyberpunk, with a slightly Utopian world as well. In other words, if a character has money or power, they live in a fairly Utopian world, whereas everyone else doesn't.

I've been wanting to write more stories set here in Korea, and this provides a great chance. I'll post a couple chapters in December as…

Chapter Thirteen - Grotto God

This past week was my birthday. I had a wonderful time hanging out with friends, and playing with yarn another friend had sent me. It's when I play with yarn, whether by knitting or weaving, that I feel the most like one of the Gwion. I hope you have enjoyed the chapters. Post comments down below telling me what you think. 

Outside, the prince had gathered a small entourage and all had gone down to enjoy the beach. "He's staying at the castle," a passing girl gushed. "Someone said he's wooing the daughter. Oh. my. word. I'd die if he'd show up at my place." "I'd almost pay to see him show up at Uncle Cynwal's place," Caradoc said. "You have an evil streak," Hugh grumbled. "Mischievous. Just because I don't like him on matter of principle, doesn't mean I wouldn't mind seeing Mederei kick his sorry arse. I can't at any rate without resorting to violence; Mederei could, and no one would be the wiser, bu…

Chapter Twelve - A New Trial

"So you're going to do the old switcharoo?" Caradoc said once everyone had gathered back at the inn and explained the situation. Caradoc remained in his pajamas, having only awoken because of Mederei, and the other three entering their suite. He was still a little annoyed with being so rudely awaken. "Shouldn't have purchased such a large suite." "We need it," Mederei argued as she set a large cup of coffee in front of him, "if only to remain away from your snoring." Caradoc crossed his arms and rocked in his chair. He had taken the most comfortable chair in the suite, and commanded the room like a prince. "I don't snore," he deigned. "You do," the other four argued. Mithrilanna laughed at them. "Such a wonderful locations. I cannot believe it." That had been the summary of most of what she said on the flight back. She had remained quiet for the actual flight, unable to speak beyond the basics. Hugh had kep…

Chapter Eleven - A New Companion

"I will return with the visitors to see how the land has changed," Mithrilanna announced outside the guest quarters. From his bed, Hugh blinked several times and yawned. Not the best way to be woken up - having someone yelling outside, but in Mithrilanna’s defense, everyone else was yelling as well. It didn't feel like morning, more like dawn. Dragons had an excellent sense of time. "What's going on?" Hugh growled as he pushed back the privacy curtain in front of his bed. "Ah, you're awake," Ramses said from the edge of his bed. He had dressed and attempted to brush his hair, but as usual, it stuck out in all directions. That was the reason Hugh kept his cut short - less hassle. Ramses glanced at the only other bed with a curtain drawn. "Mederei's still sleeping." Hugh sat up and went to check on Mederei. She was breathing normally, and appeared to be only resting. Thank the gods. He wouldn't have a way to help her if she stum…