Books Update

It is with a sad heart that I announce that Azure Maris, Azure Lights and Shamrocks of Stone have been discontinued.

The publisher, Ambassador International, is undergoing some changes, and in order to cut their inventory, my books, which have under-performed, have been axed.

Now,  I can add discontinued author to the list of things I've accomplished. While authors want their books to be the next bestseller, few of us make it that far. I haven't found the right book yet or the right field. This doesn't mean I will stop writing. Oh no. Those of you who have purchased and read both series have encouraged me beyond measure. The Lord has shown me, through all of you, that writing is a gift He's given me.

In the closing of this chapter, I'm encouraged to leave behind the world of Christian fiction. While there are many out there who love and support Christian fiction, I have found that this is not the genre for me or my novels. The next path will prove interesting, filled with its own nightmares and dreams. I look forward to traveling this new road as, I feel, it will provide me with opportunity to explore elements which I am unable to pursue within the Christian market.

As I progress with finishing new novels, submitting short stories, and whatever else comes along the way, I will let you all know either through the Bridgette ni Brian website or Bridgette ni Brian Facebook page. Please like the Facebook page to stay-up-to-date with the daily activities.

Until then - the best of luck to all of us.

***As a side note, tomorrow's scheduled short story, The Dragon Pirates, Part 2 will be released on Monday.


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