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The Dragon's Lair Part 2

Sorry about the late posting. This week at work was a bit busier than I expected. Here's the second half of the Dragon's Lair.

"The place is entirely too quiet," Eun-An observed, looking around the empty camp. "And in the middle of a storm?" "The eye provides opportunity, doesn't it? They may have been out beforehand, though." Thomas motioned to a building. "Take advantage while we can. See if you can find those precious paintings of yours, and I'll look into the piracy." "Not my precious paintings," Eun-An grumbled. "You make them sound like they are mine. I'm hunting them down because we need the artwork, and stealing something is wrong." Thomas smirked and entered a building. The plan had been simple enough - come to the island to find the information about the paintings which had been traced to that point. Thomas, who worked with a governmental agency dealing with piracy, had informed Eun-An of news concer…

Books Update

It is with a sad heart that I announce that Azure Maris, Azure Lights and Shamrocks of Stone have been discontinued.

The publisher, Ambassador International, is undergoing some changes, and in order to cut their inventory, my books, which have under-performed, have been axed.

Now,  I can add discontinued author to the list of things I've accomplished. While authors want their books to be the next bestseller, few of us make it that far. I haven't found the right book yet or the right field. This doesn't mean I will stop writing. Oh no. Those of you who have purchased and read both series have encouraged me beyond measure. The Lord has shown me, through all of you, that writing is a gift He's given me.

In the closing of this chapter, I'm encouraged to leave behind the world of Christian fiction. While there are many out there who love and support Christian fiction, I have found that this is not the genre for me or my novels. The next path will prove interesting, fil…

Dragon Pirates, Part 1

First, an apology for this being so late. I ended up having a cold this weekend and was down for the count. This particular story is the first of a two-parts. It has no connections to any of the other stories, just sounded like an interesting idea. 
"Watch out for the trip," the craggy old man ordered. "There be pirates out there." "Dragons too," Thomas muttered tossing the mooring line onto the little boat destined to carry four people from off the South Korean mainland to one of the many islands scattered around its southwestern corner. "Dragons would be cool," Catherine sighed, stretching her arms over her head. "Always wanted a dragon." "No dragons, Cate," Jiwoon assured her. "Some reptiles, but no dragons." "He's looked," Min Ho, the remaining male in their group of five explained. The other woman, Eun-An was at the helm looking over the variety of instruments. She sat in the captain's seat scannin…

Tree Meets Fifteen

This story takes place around the same time thatPantheras Missiontakes place, but with a rogue group within the Glass Eyes. This story introduces one of my all time favorite characters - Tree Trehausen who is Japanese by birth, but with a Dutch heritage. Her family leads Rajin, another group of people like Pantheras. 

The old woman stood head and shoulders below the lanky not quite blonde of mixed Japanese and Dutch heritage. The woman wore the traditional hanbok, kept her gray hair twisted up in an intricate knot and gazed at Tree with contemplative peace. "You're not what you seem to be," the woman finally spoke. "Neither are you," Tree answered. "I expected someone bigger." The old woman laughed. "I am a meek old woman with history in her limbs. Why should I be bigger?" "You lived many years, all that information should have some place to be stored." The woman leaned forward. "Come now, young woman. You should know that we can st…

The Eyepiece

She found the box in an old rundown store somewhere on the backside of Kwangju in Korea. Her first foray out into the city, and she found herself inexplicably lost, with an odd little Korean man watching her.
There was a price tag on the box, but it was seventy thousand. Way out of her ... Wait, no ... Seventy? Yeah, seventy dollars. Not bad, and she could use them for Halloween.
The eyepiece had caught her attention while she wandered, trying to dodge raindrops. The man inside the store waved his hands, practically kicking her back out into the storm when she inquired about the eyepiece. It was a turn-of-the-century beauty. Black and brown with silver filigree. At first glance it looked like opera glasses, but on second look, it was not opera glasses, but something else.
Across the street was a hidden coffee shop where she stopped and ordered a latte, a piece of cake and a sandwich.
Up on the second floor couples hugged the windows, clung to the walls and purred in the corners. The thi…