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Ghostly Times

Sorry for the delay this week. I had a story ready to go, and it decided it wanted to be something else. This story for today is actually alluded to in the first one, and I thought it would be an interesting little story to write. 

I've often wondered what it would be like if ghost hunters didn't hunt ghosts. How would we interact with ghosts if they were friends of ours. As a side note, this story takes place in the same world where 
A Traitor's Love takes place. 

There was a man screaming behind my history teacher and he couldn't hear him. While normally that would have been amusing and vaguely disconcerting, it was the obvious bullet hole in the man's head that indicated all was not as it seemed. Added to that, I was apparently the only one who could see him which turned out to be unfortunate. The man stopped screaming and stared at me. Mr. Norris was talking about some historic even from three centuries ago. It was boring, and I wanted to be out of class. I enjoyed …

The Woman's Dilemma

This is one of the first stories I wrote for the Year of Short Stories, but I've put off publishing it until now. During the late Fifteenth Century, Japan invaded Korea in hopes of conquering China. Thanks to the Koreans, the Japanese failed. Like all times of war, rape was common. Some of the women were forced to become comfort women for the Japanese, much like in the 20th century. 

After the Japanese left, scholars from Seoul decided to make a list of the Most Worthy Women - those who resisted the sexual desires of the invaders. Most of these women committed suicide in order to escape. Those who, for whatever reason, succumbed, were considered unworthy. 

In a society where honor is more important than life, these "unworthy" women lived with the knowledge of the dishonor they brought to their families. Added to the horror they surely had to live through as victims of rape, they had the added discrimination from arrogant, self-important of men who decided to list others as…

A Traitor's Love

This story comes from the world of the Glass Eyes. It doesn't take place on Earth, but in one of the worlds connected to the Eyes. 
It was said among my people, that a red thread of fate connected two people, but I doubted if it was true as I tossed the last of the white blossomed flowers onto the grave of my oldest friend. We were born, we lived and died, and our souls would transfer from our world to another in an endless circle of rebirth and renewal. We weren't the same, but we were connected, and people believed we would one day meet again. At least, that's what we told each other when our loved ones died. When parents lost their children, when friends lost their playmates. When grandchildren lost their grandparents - time had a way of healing, and time we had plenty. My people were among those who managed the two worlds. We protected the short lives in the one world while we guarded those from our world. We were called everything from ghosts to fairies over the course…

Falling into Somewhere

This week's story came later than expected partly because my weekend turned out busier than expected. The story is a random one, not connected to any of the other worlds such as the Glass Eyes or the Forty Isles. It is, however, an interesting snippet which works well enough on its own, but could be made into a larger novel. I hope you enjoy. 

The heat of distant fires burned the fair skin of the Tahenkot female. She stood taller than average, her faded blonde hair tied up into intricate knots to keep it controlled while in the midst of battle. The sword in her hand dripped with blood. She could cast a spell to cool off her body, but her strength was needed for the battle. Ten thousand armed Biton, a fierce tribe with heads of bulls and bodies of men, raced across the Plains of Anaq towards the Algaia Misse, the largest mountain chain on the continent. They intended to destroy all in their way, even the Wang'ombe, another tribe of the same race who loved farming and peace. The l…