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2000 Years

Another story set in the world of the Glass Eyes. This story focuses on how those who can go through paintings handle others coming to their time period. Sometimes, it isn't pretty. 
"Ma'am." The tall, blue-tinted male stood half-head taller than the woman sitting in a metal chair typing at a light-made keyboard before her tablet. Her glass desk was both easier to clean and more modern than the man preferred, but it suited the woman, Yannic Placida. "What is it, Electoro?" "A case, Ma'am." The woman pressed a button on her tablet and the lights disappeared. Her eyes were strange mixture of blue and brown. Shepherd's eyes, she said, but unlike others who strolled the halls of Astrophil, this woman's eye colors were natural. She was what they called a Walker - one who could travel through time, space and imagination. "What is the case?" Electoro, a man from another world assigned to work in the past, handed the folder to his superior…

The God Door

Another story from the Forty Isles. This one is not set in any particular location or time period, but acts as an interesting slice of what life is like there.

The door was aged, elegantly carved and as I pushed, it swung silently open. A whisper would have been a scream. My village had left me as the sacrifice for the God of the Woods. We practiced the paths of the Brotherhood, but with the advent of several natural disasters, some of the people remembered the God of the Woods. Maybe he was angry with them, the townsfolk had said. Wamocha was his name, though no one remembered it. I did, but that was because I enjoyed learning about the gods and goddesses around the town. The Brotherhood called me evil and threatened to send me away. The townsfolk, it would seem, had the best idea - sacrifice me to the god they had forgotten in hopes that he would stop the disasters. If anything, it could prove his reality or something like that. Either way, I would be gone from their lives and no one wou…

No Jam

This story has no connections to any other series, but is the outgrowth of a conversation I had with two students about jam. Sometimes, words I recognize turn out to mean something else such as the case with jam. I expected something sweet, but my students explained it means fun.Oppa, it should be noted is the term a girl uses for any older male around her age. It means brother, but doesn't have to be blood relation. 
I was under the belief that all children no matter gender, ethnicity or religious background were all monsters. My adorable, four-year-old nephew being no exception save when he slept. Unfortunately, the little troublemaker had risen from his nap with an empty tummy. That my oppa had yet to return from the forty minute trip he had left on four hours beforehand could only be attributed to wanting a respite from his adorable, yet terrorizing child. Innocent brown-black eyes notwithstanding. A devil lurked under his black mop top. "Hungry," he announced, shuffling…

A Trip Back in Time

I can only wish I could go back in time .... then I think about the smells and how to earn money, and I decide that I rather like my modern life.

Still, as a writer of historical fiction and someone who enjoys reading historical fiction, I find myself drawn to places where I can learn more about local history. For my current residency in Gwangju, South Korea, the biggest unknown was the Baekje Kingdom. To learn more about it, I traveled two hours north to the sleepy cities of Gongju and Buyeo.

The yellow arrow points to Gwangju and the blocked in area is where I went. Seoul is just off the map.

The ancient kingdom of Baekje existed from 18 BC until the Seventh Century AD. At one point, it controlled most of Korea's western coastline and had its capital in Seoul. Towards the last two hundred years of its existence, the capitals of Baekje were first in Gongju then later in Buyeo. The Sabi period is during its time in Buyeo.

Few artifacts remain from the time period, so most of what …

Week Off

I thought I was going to write a story this week, but it turned out with the vacation, it didn't happen. However, I did have a wonderful time traveling around seeing sites connected to the Ancient Baekje Kingdom in Korea.

Come back Monday to see more about the trip. Until then, here's a photo from Buyeo, South Korea: