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Pantheras' Mission

This story is connected to the Glass Eyes. It takes place about fifteen years or so after The Eye of the Dragon. I like creating the world the Glass Eyes live in, and seeing how the other groups work. 
The home offices belied their desert location. Within the stone walls was a lush garden filled with fruit trees and nut trees and several species of roses. Vines alone in the corner of one wall yielded sweet fragrances at twilight, but during the day, remained closed. For Binh Kiem, it was his favorite location at any time of day to watch people.
He had the Eye of the Rok - a mythological bird said to carry off elephants and other large animals for its evening meal. One would think there was an Eye of the T-Rex someplace considering mythological creatures like roks existed. Of course there were real animals as well, lion, shark, raven, serpent and cow, but the truly powerful Eyes all had mythological creatures.
In Pantheras, only the best warriors were given the eyes of myth. Others, like …

A Storyteller's Heart

Today's story is another from the Forty Isles, and follows the guardians of the Grand Duke and Duchess who are the heirs to the throne of the Forty Isles. The Guardian of the Grand Duchess is Isolde merc Gwion.  
The day had ended on a sour note - made worse only by the unquenchable stench of pickling cabbage. Two travelers sat under the shade of a lone tree and watched people passing. The strawberry-blonde woman had her legs pulled up close to her chest. She wore the simplest of clothes - a pair of trousers, boots and a sleeveless tunic. She rose, her long legs stretching upward as she reached her arms above her head to bend, giving the impression of an orchid bending in a breeze. The man, dark-haired and skinned, remained seated, though he glanced up to follow the line of her movement. "Some would compare you to a tree when you do that." "Bows are made from trees, so I think the comparison is appropriate." "Most people don't think of bows when they see y…

Torn Shamrocks

A couple weeks ago, I gave you a story from Azure's world. This week, it's Orfhlait's world. At the end of Shamrocks of Stone, Orfhlait and Naoisi are caught up in some trouble. Here, you see more of what they are involved with afterward. 

The ocean was endless. Wave upon wave from whence they came, I never knew. They came from the West, maybe God's own country somewhere in the horizon. They lifted the ship and lowered it, sending us forever forward. We were allowed only a few moments on deck each day, but many of the slaves remained below, unable to move. The stench was horrendous, but there was nothing to be done for those who were seasick. For the others ... Well, the angels must sing over them now. Naoisi peered over the railing. We had somehow managed to charm the sailors into allowing us to remain longer on deck. It was worthwhile, but the endless watery world was boring. Naoisi had taken to creating stories about the clouds, sea life and barnacles. "They'r…

The Force Breaker

Within the worlds of the Glass Eyes, I sometimes explore the worlds within the glass eyes. The following story takes place in one of the worlds. In fact, it takes place in the world where Tsiuri's Uncle Wy has. It's a stand alone story which gives you an introduction to the world. The story opens an interesting world, but I don't know much beyond the current situation. Sometimes stories are like that - you have an opening, but that's it. What happens, where does the story go and other questions remain annoyingly unanswered. 
Everyone is born with a power - a word is tattooed onto their body, and it is their power. Some are able to use water however they wish, others can manipulate fire or earth. At birth, we are registered with the government with our name, word and subsequent ability. I was born with the gift everyone fears - the force breaker. On my second day of school for my second year of high school, government officials arrived to round up those with water abilit…