Serenity of Deep Waters

I know several have been waiting for the next part of Azure Maris' to be published, but here's a story from her world. It takes place during the time she was in America and involves her mother's niece. 

"Well, that's a bit of a bother, isn't it?"
The mermaid came to a full stop and looked around the empty expanse of ocean. For as far as she could see, there was little more than barren seascape with a few rocks. She shook her head and reached into her bag to find the map her cousin had left. It had been six months since Azure Maris, the eldest daughter of the king, had disappeared from the mer kingdom of Deep Waters. Most assumed she had died, but her brothers, Brun and Yo'ash insisted she remained alive.
Serenity, niece to the queen of Deep Waters, tended to agree with her intelligent howbeit eccentric elder cousins.
"By one little month," she muttered to herself. "That's all they have on me, but they make it seem as though it's an entire year." She yanked open the map and looked at the notes Azure had written. Always writing in her journal, sketching in a book, or generally observing the world around her, Azure knew many things including some of the best places to watch meteor showers.
The fact that she gave Serenity detailed descriptions to the location bothered neither woman. After all, it was easy to become disoriented in the open waters.
"The fact that I can become disoriented in the city makes no never mind," Serenity assured herself as she stuffed her map back into the bag. She had two - one carried her food, and the other items for the trip such as a first aid kit and the map.
"It isn't often we see pink-haired mermaids wandering around," a merman spoke from above.
Brun and Yo'ash, Serenity's cousins, floated down. "What are you doing out here?"
Serenity pulled her shoulders back and swam up a little to sneer at the brothers, who were more annoying of late since their remaining triplet, Azure was missing. She had done more to keep her brothers civil than anyone realized.
"Where are you going?"
"Out for a swim."
The brothers looked at each other and swam up to look her in the eyes. "You got lost."
"I did not."
"Then where are you?"
"In the ocean."
"On Earth."
"That's not specific."
"It is if we consider that there might be other planets with lifeforms out there. I'd say it's rather specific. In regards to where on the Earth I am, we are currently in the mer kingdom of Deep Waters, unless you two have forgotten that."
"Highly unlikely," Brun answered. "We came out here to make certain you found wherever it was you're going."
"I was on my way back."
"Were you now?" Yo'ash did not seem convinced.
"I was. Now, you can go on your own way, and I'm going to head home."
Yo'ash twisted to the side to block her. "And how do you go home?"
"The same way I arrived here."
"Which is?"
"None of your business."
"She's lost," Yo'ash informed Brun.
"Indeed," Brun agreed.
"Am not."
The brothers lifted their eyebrows in unison. "And just where are you going?"
"Wherever I wish to go," Serenity answered. "You seem to imply that I'm lost because I cannot tell you precisely where I am, but that isn't the case. I know generally where I am, and therefore I am not lost."
"Confused is lost."
"No, it isn't," Serenity argued.
"If you are confused, you don't know where you are."
"I know where I am; I'm here."
"Ah, but where is here?" Brun pressed. "Are you going to make it back to Deep Waters, or should we direct you?"
"Just because I cannot tell you the exact path I need to take ..." 
"She admitted it," Yo'ash muttered. "How do you do that?"
"Talent," Brun answered, shifting his gaze to his brother. "I have to deal with you."
Serenity crossed her arms. "Listen, I know you two are quite bothered about Azure being missing, but I don't need babysitters any more than your sister does."
"And look where it got her," Yo'ash retorted.
"Where did it get her? We don't know. She could be living the good life in some palace."
"If she was among allies, we would have heard."
"Maybe she got swept up in a place where mermaids are still myth." Serenity leaned forward to glare at Brun. "Did you ever consider that?"
"All possibilities have been considered," Brun answered. "Where Azure is, doesn't negate the fact you are notorious for getting lost."
"I am not notoriously lost. I randomly find new paths."
At that the men flung their arms up in universal sign of frustration. "Fine," Yo'ash decided. "Remain here not lost, and get yourself home."
Serenity waved as her cousins swam off. Best to keep them in some sight, though, she decided as she swam after them. At any rate ... until she recognized something. "After all, I may not bring serenity to those around me, but I can find myself wherever I am." She smiled. "Whoever said I was lost?"


  1. Ah, Bridgette, you are so right, we long for the next portion of Azure Maris. Serenity's dance with Brun and Yo'ash reminds one of the uncertainty that faced Azure and reveals the questions that were left unanswered for so long. I hope to see / read more of Serenity. She has the quirky personality of confidence wrapped up in confusion that can lead to quite a few mishaps along the way.

  2. Yeah! Glad you enjoyed it! I found Serenity to be an interesting addition to Azure's world, and I think I'll end up doing more with her. She's just a fun character who helps keep the boyos in line.


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