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Building My Empire

This particular story takes place of the Forty Isle, where the Gwion live. I've always wanted to write a pirate story. The story below takes place in a larger story, and it is another character study as I work to develop the main character Minali who I find to be an interesting character. 
"Oh to be at sea now that summer's arrived," a lazy male voice drawled. "Captain?" Qillaq's voice turned slightly petulant at the end of the n. "Aye, Captain," one of the other crew members, a man in his thirties with short-cropped blue hair. For some strange reason, he had the sobriquet, Red. "The sea be calling." He cocked his hand to his ear. "Can't you hear the lonesomeness, Captain? Surely, your heart isn't stone." The captain turned, crossed her arms and smirked. "When we were out at sea, you wanted land." "We wanted booze," Qillaq corrected. "And better food." "I heard that," Hisham,…

Serenity of Deep Waters

I know several have been waiting for the next part of Azure Maris' to be published, but here's a story from her world. It takes place during the time she was in America and involves her mother's niece. 
"Well, that's a bit of a bother, isn't it?" The mermaid came to a full stop and looked around the empty expanse of ocean. For as far as she could see, there was little more than barren seascape with a few rocks. She shook her head and reached into her bag to find the map her cousin had left. It had been six months since Azure Maris, the eldest daughter of the king, had disappeared from the mer kingdom of Deep Waters. Most assumed she had died, but her brothers, Brun and Yo'ash insisted she remained alive. Serenity, niece to the queen of Deep Waters, tended to agree with her intelligent howbeit eccentric elder cousins. "By one little month," she muttered to herself. "That's all they have on me, but they make it seem as though it's an …

The Princess and the Weaver

This story comes from the world of the Gwion, but takes place nearly a millennium beforeThe Water Mage of the Mageless Isle. This time, you meet one of the Gwion. I like taking some of the stereotypes and turning them around. Who needs a prince when you have these two resourceful girls? 

"You know, in stories, a princess in the tower sings in the tower while she waits until the prince comes along to rescue her," Greye merc Gwion observed from the loom in the corner. The hollow pop of fabric repeated at regular intervals as Greye wove.

"I'm tired of waiting for a prince to show up," Putri retorted, sitting in the windowsill. She was the eldest of four children born to the King of Caergwlân. While out riding with Greye one late spring day, the girls had been captured.

Now, nearly three months later, Putri swung her left leg back and forth, not brushing the plush carpet which covered most of the tower room the girls had claimed as their bedroom. The tower wasn'…

Forbidden Knowledge

Another portion of the history research I've been doing. This one takes places in the 1500s. During this time period, the Joeson Dynasty feared anything that went against Confucius teaching to the point that they destroyed any information they discovered. For those who were found to be studying Western thoughts, they punishment could be death. 
Wind whipped down the narrow dirt streets, blowing Kim Jun Min back two steps for every step he took. Finally, he reached the first alleyway on the street and ducked into it, pausing long enough to make certain no one followed him. In the alleyway, the wind died down enough to walk easier, but above him, it howled like a ravenous wolf intent on catching its prey. Hopefully, it seeks someone else, Jun Min thought, tucking his precious books closer to his body. While his father and other nobles, called the yanban prized all manner of study, some of it was forbidden. Western learning was considered barbaric at best, and evil at worst. Still, th…

Wednesday Wake-up