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When Time Forgets

This short story is more of a character study for a minor character from my NaNoWriMo 2015 (the same book that The Long Way Homeis from). I hope you enjoy.  

"Saw your mom today while I was out." The classy octogenarian Korean woman spoke into the cellphone she held in her right hand, while with her left, she flagged a passing Seoul taxi. "She didn't recognize me," the woman informed her husband of sixty-odd years. "We knew this day could come eventually, Naomi," the aged voice on the other end answered. "I didn't expect it to be today, though." "I don't think any of us actually expected it," Naomi answered. "She was just sitting there. I walked over, said hello. Those brilliant blue eyes stared at me, and she smiled. Thought I was some crazy old woman come to talk to the bright young thing." "Bright young thing? Never expected Mom to be called that ever again." "She was all of thirty years." "T…

Wednesday Wake-up

The King's Ransom

This is another story set in the world of the Gwion. Known, in part, as the Forty Isles, each island has its own history, sometimes brutal. In this case magic plays an important part. The inspiration for the story was taken from a quote I found on Pinterest. It's been used several times in other stories, so the idea must resonate. 

Considering the world the Gwion live in, it isn't surprising kings could, and would, use magic to their own advantage. With no one to stop them, those who control life, control everything. 

The King's Ransom The king had a crown studded with twenty jewels each of various size, shape and color. They were worth the king's ransom, it was said. How much is one man's life worth, Caitlyn wondered as she took three steps through the small wooden door on the side of the North Tower in the capital district.
She was one of the royal jewelers who worked to prepare the most priceless and rare jewels for the king. The twenty he wore in his crown were …

Wednesday Wake-up

The Water Mage of the Mageless Isle

This story fits into a larger series I'm writing, but it acts as a character study for other kingdoms in the fantasy world. Not all desire magic, and some actively reject it.

“First Year Njeri, remain after class today,” Hubert Teacher ordered as the bell rang for the end of classes.
Njeri sighed, but remained in her seat. Around her, a few of her friends gave her sad faces, but none tarried. While Hubert Teacher wasn’t especially mean, he was strict. Besides, he was a known member of the ruling party, and therefore anything one said could be used against them later.
All of the teachers at the Royal Military Academy on the Isle of Itzal were members of the ruling party as was required by law. To teach there, one had to be a member and have no magic whatsoever, but on the Mageless Isle, no one had magic. If it was discovered, the child was either killed or abandoned or sent to live in one of the other kingdoms in the Forty Isles where mages did live.
Njeri sketched in her noteboo…

Wednesday Wake-up

The Long Way Home

Here's the first of my Year of Short Stories. This one was actually the result of one of my novels and a recent experience of walking my bike home. The setting is the Japanese Occupation of Korea during the 1920s. 
Remember to comment what you think about it or visit my Bridgette ni Brian Facebook fan page (here). 
The Long Way Home Parents should worry more about themselves then what their children may or may not be doing. If parents worried more about themselves and less about their children Kyong-ae would not be walking along a dark road in the middle of nowhere, having to look over her shoulder every three steps. Oh no, if parents worried about themselves, she wouldn't have to bother taking the long way home, but could have taken the short-cut even if it passed close beside the Japanese police barracks. Of course there were the stories of them raping Korean women and girls; taking them inside their prisons and beating them mercilessly. Not all the rumors were false, of course,…

Wednesday Wake-up

Happy May the Fourth! I hope you all have a wonderful day. Who knows, maybe this door will lead you to a galaxy far, far away.