Enjoying the Moments

I don't know about any of you, but I tend to be a planner. My back-up plans have back-up plans. There is no Plan B, but more like Plan B.8-X subsection C. For me, the most unfortunate part of all of this is the simple fact that I don't realize I'm doing anything.

Cherry Blossoms near a Local Park
I grew up in an area where it was warm in April, and I always loved the cherry blossoms. In my part of New York, cherry trees blossom later in the year (around Mother's Day). Having the cherry blossoms in early April is a pleasant surprise. These delicate flowers are only around for a couple weeks, at most. The trees burst forth in pink and white then the strong winds arrive and all the blossoms fly away.

So much for any plans.

Now, don't get me wrong. I continue to plan because that's how my brain works, but I'm learning to be a little more free with my plans, and to realize that sometimes I have to go through a bunch before I hit on the one that works best.

It takes time, but enjoying the moments, fleeting as they can be, helps me better understand the world around me. It helps me grow as an author and an artist. I can catch those moments, savor them and then remember them for others to enjoy.

As Spring turns to Summer, watch for moments to enjoy. Our lives are not built up around big events, but thousands, no millions, of little ones we often over-look in pursuit of the big events. What have you done today, little though it may be, to help you achieve a big event?


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