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Greetings From Gwangju!

Wow, has it been awhile since I posted last?! Settling in, finding my around this new city I call home, and adjusting to the new schedule has not been without its low points, but hey, life is good.

Pots near Art Street in Gwangju
Gwangju, South Korea is in the Jeolla (Jo-la) Province which is on the southwestern coast of mainland South Korea. It also acts as the capital of the province as well, so it's the largest city in the area.

There's a great deal to see - Gwangju has a thriving arts community centered around Art Street in the old downtown which is also the general location where the shopping and dining areas are. For this girl from PA Dutch Country, I even managed to find an Auntie Anne's here, so if I ever have a hankering for a pretzel, I know where to go.

There's been a great deal of surprises along the way though, like navigating streets without accurate maps. It isn't the map's fault, more of the alleyways, side streets and whatnots I'm finding. It's fun, but when you want to get to a certain place, and you cannot, it's not so much fun.

Since this is Monday, and it's Writing Day, I do want to focus a little bit more on the writing end of it, though the events from life in Gwangju will most likely fall on Tuesday. Stories abound in Korea, and Gwangju specifically. I've discovered history beyond 1950-1953, and I'm understanding a bit more of the Japanese occupation as well. That aside, the ancient history is also fascinating, and I'm looking forward to exploring farther around to historical sites close to home.

I came here to teach English to Kindergarten and Elementary students at a private location so of course much of my time is focused on schoolwork right now, especially getting into the rhythms of life. In the meantime, I have a list of places to explore nearby. I learned long ago getting lost is sometimes the best (and only way) to find your way around a new location.

Here's to the adventure.


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It's really chilly here in Seoul at the moment, so I took advantage of my Christmas present to weave some more cloth. Also, due to it being the end of the school year (Korean schools run from March to February), I'm currently busy with finishing up school, and getting things ready for next year.

All that said, I'm taking a hiatus from Mederei's story until March. Thankfully, I'm not leaving you on a terrible cliff-hanger, though. Posting in January and February will be sporadic as I find the time to write while getting other things done. 

For those interested in the weaving, the brownish color has flecks of gold in it, but is a rayon, acrylic mixture. The black is cashmere I received back in Buffalo a couple years back. It's been woven and washed and looks freaking amazing. I think I'll make it into a dress.

Below is a photo from the light show in downtown Seoul. It was beautiful, but cold that night.

Stay warm!