It's Been Awhile

Time flies, supposedly; you think you're doing one thing then bam! it's something else altogether different.

The past few weeks have been up and down as I prepare to leave for South Korea for the next year. It's a time of adventure, excitement and trepidation (seriously, I don't enjoy flying, and I'm looking at a 15 hour flight).

I've stated before how I'm working on clothing projects for the trip, and some have turned out well; others not as well as I thought. Sometimes one plan morphs into another plan, case in point - happy aliens:

The actual pattern calls for the items to be mirrored forming an elongated diamond/eye pattern, but I had to stop at this point and let the dog in only to return to see my happy aliens or ghosts or whatever. I thought they looked cool, so I finished the warp with them.

We have to keep pushing forward until we find the spot where we can stop and find the beautiful things of life. It's not always what we thought we'd find, but those unexpected journeys often prove to be the most fruitful.

The next time I write, I'll be writing from South Korea, so for the next week it will be a planned hiatus as I adjust to my new time schedule and location. 


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