New Year, New Opportunities

On one hand, I like New Year's, but on the other hand, I wish it would come at another time of the year (primarily when there was no snow). Still, this new year so far has turned out warmer than expected which isn't a bad thing.
American Falls, 2014
I hope your new year has gone well. For me, changes have already begun which will prove exciting, nerve-wrecking and different. I have a job. I haven't had one for the past couple years, so writing and weaving have been the primary source of income, but it's been tight. Now, I have a job which I'll start in the spring.

The catch? It's in Korea.

Honestly, I'm excited about the possibilities provided, not the least of which is I'll be able to experience a new country and continent (making it three continents down, and three to go because I have no intentions of visiting Antarctica). Also, since one of my recent stories take place in Korea, I'll be able to add the cultural vibes I couldn't add earlier.

It's going to be brilliant.

That being said, Wordless Wednesday will most likely shift from doors to general photographs which strike my fancy. The focus will still be story-starters, but it will be more interesting, I should think.

The other good news about this new job is, with steady income, I'll be able to focus on finishing up Azure Maris' and Orfhlait's storylines. Unfortunately, both women are left hanging at the moment, but I hope later this year, I'll have news of their newest novels being released.

Stay tuned for me information.

Until then, I hope everyone has a happy new year, with new possibilities and adventures.


  1. Wow, Korea! That's exciting and scary, the perfect combination for an author to experience and write about.

    1. I know! I've been doing research on Korean history, and I'm super excited to see all these interesting places. One of my older cousins was over there during the Korean War, but the history of Korea beyond what we Americans know is absolutely fascinating.

      I'm definitely going to post photographs about all these interesting topics and places in the coming months.


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