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Gathering Ideas

As I mentioned on Monday, I'll be heading to Korea in a few weeks (wow, that short?!) Like many people, I have certain goals I focus on during the year. They're not resolutions, per say, but long-term goals I want to accomplish. Some succeed better than others, and some falter.

One of the goals for this year (as it has been for the past few years) has been to lose the extra weight I've carried around for eight years. Due to my Hashimoto's disease, my extra weight isn't easy to lose, but through hard work and perseverance, I think this could be the year. Added to that, I'll be walking more in Korea than I do here in the US, so that will help.

Recent Projects
Realizing I can purchase most items overseas, I don't have to worry about packing a lot of items, but I do also realize that what I take, will have to return, and I don't want a lot of items. To prepare, though, and realizing it might not be easy to find clothing to fit me while overseas, I've been adding items to my clothing collection, especially items which can act as business attire. In addition to business attire, I had a few other requirements:

  • Easily interchanged with other garments
  • Ability to tailor as I lose weight
  • Able to fit into my suitcases

Most of the items will be similar to the top above, Some will be new designs, but I'm focusing on a theme with this (general) color scheme:

I look good in purple, but I wanted to add some brighter tones to the palette. Unfortunately for me, warm colors can be tricky to wear, especially closer to my face. I tend to lean towards the cooler spectrum, but since I have one top which is all warm colors, I thought I could chance it a bit.

So far, I have the top above, and another warp woven, and a third currently on the loom (they being the colors similar to the third and fifth colors on the palette). What fascinates me is the challenge to create a group of clothes which work together, interchange easily, and create a myriad of options with relatively few garments.

I'm not a big clothing shopper, and tend to wear things out, but I like the idea of having a wardrobe based upon a theme, something which can create a unique look for me. It should prove fun.


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