Fiber Friday

As I write this, I'm thinking about the fact that in a month I'll be in Korea. Wow. It's moving closer than I thought it would be.

Somewhere over the Atlantic, 2007
To that end, I'm working on what I need to take with me. I've read about Gwangju and I've e-mailed a couple people who have lived or are living there. They tell me it's wild as far as the weather goes. Hot, cold, humid. Oh joy.

I grew up in Southeastern PA, and know what their summers are like. No problem. However, living the past twenty years or so in Western NY where it's not nearly as hot or as humid, I'm glad I'll be heading over in March that way I can acclimate a little.

All that being said, how does one plan for clothing overseas? I've had to deal with snow boots in the winter and sweaters in the summer (no, seriously, I still get cold in WNY even in the dead of summer because it's only in the 70s without much humidity). Added to this, I know I may only be there for a year, and I don't want to have to lug much around; neither am I expecting to be able to run down to the store if I need something.

The big plan is to layer, something one of the folks in Korea suggested. Making certain I have clothes which go together was part of the reason I worked off a theme (see this post). As long as the colors generally go together, no matter what I wear, I'll look put together.

So far, I've focused on woven items which are easier to coordinate. I also tend to stick with solid bottoms because I can mix and match easier. The fun part has been deciding how to use the fabric I have woven. By creating a series of short-sleeved tunics, I can use them year-round. Also, short sleeves are easier for me to create at the moment.

Despite it all, I'm looking forward to my time overseas. New cultures and lands intrigue me, and I know I'll find even more inspiration there.


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