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Wednesday Wake-up

Focus, Focus

It's the last Monday of January, and it's looking warm (relatively speaking, I assure you, since it's only in the 30s). Western NY managed to bypass the major snowstorm that many of my family and friends faced. It was interesting to see all the photographs from PA to North Carolina.

It's been two months since NaNoWriMo ended, and now it's time to start editing (if you haven't been editing already). Now, granted, for some of us (myself included), we're still writing. That's all right as well. Others are finished, and may have had time to let the story simmer.

There are several ways to edit. Most authors tend to focus first on the big picture (theme, characters, scenes). Secondly, they focus on minor details such as word choices, sentence structures and punctuation.

During my first read-through, I tend to focus on both. Before I print, I do the standard spellcheck, but then later as I read, I often catch errors. At the same time, I focus on the larger p…

Fiber Friday

As I write this, I'm thinking about the fact that in a month I'll be in Korea. Wow. It's moving closer than I thought it would be.

To that end, I'm working on what I need to take with me. I've read about Gwangju and I've e-mailed a couple people who have lived or are living there. They tell me it's wild as far as the weather goes. Hot, cold, humid. Oh joy.

I grew up in Southeastern PA, and know what their summers are like. No problem. However, living the past twenty years or so in Western NY where it's not nearly as hot or as humid, I'm glad I'll be heading over in March that way I can acclimate a little.

All that being said, how does one plan for clothing overseas? I've had to deal with snow boots in the winter and sweaters in the summer (no, seriously, I still get cold in WNY even in the dead of summer because it's only in the 70s without much humidity). Added to this, I know I may only be there for a year, and I don't want to have…

Wednesday Wake-up

Gathering Ideas

As I mentioned on Monday, I'll be heading to Korea in a few weeks (wow, that short?!) Like many people, I have certain goals I focus on during the year. They're not resolutions, per say, but long-term goals I want to accomplish. Some succeed better than others, and some falter.

One of the goals for this year (as it has been for the past few years) has been to lose the extra weight I've carried around for eight years. Due to my Hashimoto's disease, my extra weight isn't easy to lose, but through hard work and perseverance, I think this could be the year. Added to that, I'll be walking more in Korea than I do here in the US, so that will help.

Realizing I can purchase most items overseas, I don't have to worry about packing a lot of items, but I do also realize that what I take, will have to return, and I don't want a lot of items. To prepare, though, and realizing it might not be easy to find clothing to fit me while overseas, I've been adding items …

Wednesday Wake-up

Today's "door" isn't a visual door, but a description. Where does this door lead?

New Year, New Opportunities

On one hand, I like New Year's, but on the other hand, I wish it would come at another time of the year (primarily when there was no snow). Still, this new year so far has turned out warmer than expected which isn't a bad thing.
I hope your new year has gone well. For me, changes have already begun which will prove exciting, nerve-wrecking and different. I have a job. I haven't had one for the past couple years, so writing and weaving have been the primary source of income, but it's been tight. Now, I have a job which I'll start in the spring.

The catch? It's in Korea.

Honestly, I'm excited about the possibilities provided, not the least of which is I'll be able to experience a new country and continent (making it three continents down, and three to go because I have no intentions of visiting Antarctica). Also, since one of my recent stories take place in Korea, I'll be able to add the cultural vibes I couldn't add earlier.

It's going to be …

Wednesday Wake-up

Happy New Year

As the new year has approached, I wondered if any of you have made any New Year's resolutions? I don't make resolutions, per say, but do focus on goals for the new year.

That being said, a few changes will begin to be noticed around here. Starting in the next week, my Bryony blog (link off to the side) will begin to have more posts, primarily focusing on the new fashion aspects. Bryony is the plus-sized handwoven fashion line of Bridgette ni Brian .

This site ( will continue to have the Fiber Friday posts, but the focus will be on items dealing with my books while much of the fashion related items will be on Bryony. The two will often intersect because that's how my brain works, but it'll be fun.

I wish you all a happy new year, and hope many blessings come your way.