Fiber Friday - Projects Renewed

Over the summer, I posted an article about new fabric I wove. Finally - almost six months later - I'm able to finish it up, though the hemming still needs to be finished, the product is finished.

Once again, I followed the Empire (Regency) Dress pattern I utilized for a previous shirt, and it turned out fairly well. I did have a few problems with the gathering at the front of the bodice, but other than those minor technical difficulties, the dress proved easy enough to weave.

For this dress, I wove using the larger 20" loom, providing less hassle when it came time to cut the fabric. No matter how much I try, I'll always wind up wasting fabric, but the point is to provide as little waste as possible - handwovens force me to do so.

The one surprising aspect to making the top, I didn't expect, was the difficulties around the bodice. While it isn't easy to see in the photograph, the top part is lacy whereas the lower half is more solid. I like the variance in the textures, but the lace proved to need extra attention while sewing as it became easy for it to pull apart.

A side benefit to the tunic, though, is the need for a lining. It's simply impossible to use handwoven fabric (at least the fabric I can weave on any of my looms) without protecting the hems. I utilized fabric I had in the house, and ended up making two shirts out of one. The top is completely reversible with a cotton bluish leaf pattern on the interior.

At the bottom of the photograph, you can see striped fabric. That isn't part of the tunic, but a skirt I made using some of the handwoven wool material I had on hand. I liked the fabric, but it was too long for one wrap, and too short for two; besides, I had a wrap out of the fabric already. Once again, it required a lining, and once again I used fabric on hand. The only problem with this skirt is that it isn't reversible since I have a zipper in the side. Next project - reversible skirts.


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