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Wednesday Wake-up

Merry Christmas!

This week and next week won't have much on the way of articles due to the holidays, but I wanted to say Merry Christmas to you all, and hope each of you a happy holiday season.

Wednesday Wake-up

Illness and Characters

When we think of illness, for most people, the concept of a child fighting leukemia, or an elderly loved one in a hospital bed comes to mind. We don't think of the other, shall we say, mundane illnesses which affect people day in and day out.

These thoughts, and how to portray them in books, have come to mind recently for a variety of reasons. Partly because on writing boards I follow on Pinterest there have been links concerning them. One of them, Mental Illness in Fiction: Getting it Rightis on Dan Koboldt's page, and I found it enlightening considering mental illness isn't common in my family.

On the other hand, physical illness does run in my family. I have family with Fibromyalgia; I have family with chronic migraines. There are the normal heart and cancer issues, but in those cases (for the most part) prevention is key. Knowing someone has a family history of cancer or heart issues simply means the individual takes care of themselves and remain alert to warning signs…

Fiber Friday

So, I heard there was a new Star Wars film coming out today. As I'm writing this, it's around 6 A.M. EST meaning there have been at least two showings at most movie theaters here. I'm as much excited to see the film as anyone else, though I haven't bought any tickets yet.

Still, films, especially the geeky films tend to be my favorite genre. I like historical and I like mysteries, but science fiction and fantasy, well - they have special places in my heart, and not just because I enjoy the genres (which, I do).

I first noticed the beauty of fiber arts in films with the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. At college, my friends and I discussed the fashion as well as the plot lines. Personally, while I loved the look of Arwen's and Galadriel's gowns it was Eowyn's clothes I felt the most practical.

Not long after LOTR was released, the Harry Potter series began, and whereas LOTR had woven items (seriously, look into the elven cloaks Frodo and Sam wear throughout the se…

Wednesday Wake-up

Change of Focus

This past Friday and Saturday were the official end of the 2015 fair season, for me at least. It's been a good year, but now things shift into winter, and I pull back from the fairs to focus on writing.

We all go through this ebbs and flows of life, and the same is true for writing. I've found I have two seasons of heavy focus on weaving or writing. During the winter months, when I have few fairs to attend, I focus on writing. It's a good time to do research because I want to be stuck inside with a warm fire and research is a perfect excuse.

On the other hand, during the summer months, I also want to be where it's cooler and libraries provide air conditioning. In addition to air conditioning, more activities happen in the summer months providing more opportunistic for research.

I find spring and autumn to be the two times of the year I tend to weave more. In the spring, I'm gearing up for my fair season while in the autumn, I tend to weave scarves and wraps for the…

Fiber Friday - Fair at Canalside

I'll be up at Canalside today and tomorrow for the Holiday Edition of the Saturday Artisan Market.

Looking forward to the last of the warm weather we're having here in Western NY, and while I realize winter's just around the corner, I'm going to enjoy the warmth while I have it.

Hope to see many of you there today or tomorrow.

Wednesday Wake-up

Hello, December

According to the news (not to mention just looking outside) we still have no snow! For those who enjoy snow, I'm sorry if my glee is too much. I enjoy not having snow, especially after the winter from last year.

As I enjoy my snowless December, I consider how weather affects communities. Here in the Great Lakes region (especially on the Eastern ends of the lakes) we have a weather system called Lake Effect in which the lakes produce their own weather, primarily in the form of snow. Lake Effect is the result of the geography which in turn affects the area around them. For example, the areas closer to the lakeshores, both Erie and Ontario, have a mild climate perfect for vineyards. Even a half-hour inland, and vineyards are impossible.

If you're writing science fiction or fantasy (especially stories in which you have to build a world), the geography plays an important role, though often unseen. We know the logical ones - mountains have snow, tropics have heat, but how do those …

Fiber Friday - Projects Renewed

Over the summer, I posted an article about new fabric I wove. Finally - almost six months later - I'm able to finish it up, though the hemming still needs to be finished, the product is finished.

Once again, I followed the Empire (Regency) Dress pattern I utilized for a previous shirt, and it turned out fairly well. I did have a few problems with the gathering at the front of the bodice, but other than those minor technical difficulties, the dress proved easy enough to weave.

For this dress, I wove using the larger 20" loom, providing less hassle when it came time to cut the fabric. No matter how much I try, I'll always wind up wasting fabric, but the point is to provide as little waste as possible - handwovens force me to do so.

The one surprising aspect to making the top, I didn't expect, was the difficulties around the bodice. While it isn't easy to see in the photograph, the top part is lacy whereas the lower half is more solid. I like the variance in the textu…

Wednesday Wake-up