NaNoWriMo Day 16

Halfway through #NaNoWriMo! Hurrah! How are you doing with the writing? Keeping the word count up, or were you able to plug several more words in each day?

I happened to hit the half-way point (25,000 words) Saturday morning which was a blessing because Sunday was a long day, and by the time I returned home, I didn't want to write. I'm back at it this morning, and already made the word count for today.

Keep writing. Even if it seems to be struggle, the discipline's good. It doesn't matter if you hit the 50,000 mark or not - the point is that you've sat down each day to get your word count. You've disciplined yourself to write, and believe me, disciplining myself to write everyday is a hard job. You can't wait for inspiration to hit because it's fickle. You have to write, even if you write badly, write because you can always edit well.

Keep writing!


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