Fiber Friday

This past week, I got a new sewing machine. Yeah! Now I can sew again! Over the past year, my sewing machines have been breaking down, partly because they're old, and most likely because they haven't been serviced in a few years. Now, granted, I could easily have taken them to be serviced, but the last time I went looking for a foot for my sewing machine, I was informed my sewing machine style would be defunct.

Best to purchase a sewing machine where I could still find parts, I thought.

This one happens to be a Brother sewing machine, and previously (including the ones from my grandmothers) have all been Singers. It's been different getting used to little things like where the reverse stitch button or foot lever are. I like the new machine - it works well, came with several different computer features including some fun stitches I've been playing with.

New Machine with First Project
It isn't easy to see with the photograph, but the bag has a vine type stitch on it which is one of the built-in stitches which came on the machine. It's these little elements (not to mention the quilting attachments) which helped make the decision. So far, I like it. It's practical, provides a few extra features, and sews well.


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