Fiber Friday - Mug Rugs

Just a note - tomorrow is the last Saturday Artisan Market for the season. Hope many of you can stop by Buffalo NY's Canalside.

Speaking of Buffalo, I'm working on a new idea, which will be debuted tomorrow at SAM.

This is one band in the mug rugs I'm making. Buffalonians love their Buffalo, so the mug rugs have bands with Sabers' and Bills' colors. Eventually, I'll start making ones with other cities on it, once I see how everything goes.

I've made mug rugs before, but usually they haven't done as well as I had hoped. Partly because I knitted a few and the mugs tended to topple over (very bad situation) or they weren't large enough. In the new design, they're large enough to hold a mug and a dessert plate - perfect really.

So what are mug rugs? Well, the definition is as varied as people. For some, a mug rug is simple an larger coaster suitable for a mug. Others define it as something large enough for a mug and a cookie. Others define it as a placemat not large enough for a dinner plate.

For me, a mug rug is an item made to fit a mug and a dessert plate. It is suitable for late night snacks, game day shows, or after school energy boosts. It can be woven (as mine are) or quilted. I don't recommend knitted, but if it's flat enough it can work.

The ones I'm making are woven on my inkle loom, and are made from for different bands of material. One of which has the words Buffalo New York woven into it (as you can see at the top). Personally, I'm quite pleased with the word ones. I've had troubles in the past with woven words, but now it's starting to become easier.

Starting next Friday (16 October) these and others will be available on my Etsy account. Stay tuned to see how the mug rugs improve. If you have suggestions for cities and colors, comment below. I'm always intrigued by what color combinations people come up with for various cities around the world.


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