Autumnal Inspirations

Happy October! This is my favorite month of the year because there are birthdays and Halloween - what could be better? Also, for the most part, the weather's nice - always an added benefit.

Black and Orange Fibonacci 
I love having an excuse to wear scarves since I make so many of them, and need to model them (oh, wait, another excuse!) Personally, I tend to wear the cooler colors (blue, green and purple), with my favorite color being purple, specifically aubergine (eggplant), partly because I like the color, and partly because I like the word aubergine.

The warmer colors (red, yellow and orange) tend to be colors I rarely wear, but I like Halloween. The scarf above was one I wanted to attempt to make, and the first foray into Fibonacci number sequence. I learned a few things from it, and have attempted other patterns more recently.

One of the best parts of autumn, for me at any rate, is seeing the fall colors. I live in the Northeast, so Fall Foliage is everywhere, and it provides a way for me to see color combinations bathed in warm colors - colors I normally don't use.

Sometimes, if you're stuck on color schemes, it works to think of a season or location for the colors. Autumn provides rich, warm colors whereas Spring tends to be soft pastels. Winter is full of bright jewel tones, and Summer is on vacation so anything goes. The colors of the Caribbean aren't those of the Great Lakes, and the colors of France aren't always the same as those in Japan.

If all else fails, look to the holidays - Halloween, Christmas and St. Patrick's Day all have specific color schemes we all have seen a thousand times - what are ways you can spruce up black and orange, red and green or forty shades of green?

Autumn begins the busy season with school and eventually the holiday season, but in those slow times, look around you, take a deep breath and see what might inspire you.


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