Fiber Friday

At the beginning of August, my church held it's VBS (Vacation Bible School) - a week of focusing on lessons from the Bible with fun craft activities, games and skits. The theme this year was Nazareth in the time of Christ.

The leaders wanted a few artisan activities, and I was asked to be the weaver which I thought enjoyable. For one night, I taught the children how weaving was done by having them help me weave a wall-hanging for the church. Afterwards, I still had plenty of warp left on the loom, not to mention some fun yarn I had purchased, so I continued on with weaving wall-hangings.

Mundane Beauty, Linen, Acrylic and Wood, 2015
What started out as playing with the yarn turned into an experiment with the yarn which turned into a series I entitled, Women's Work. I think the process will be on-going partly because I like how the projects turned out, and partly because I think it's an interesting concept.

Mundane Beauty focuses on the everyday beauty we find in our daily rhythms, but sometimes overlook because we're caught up in the everyday. One of my college professors had us tell her something beautiful or inspiring before each class because she understood the need to look at the beautiful in the everyday.

The project is woven on linen at 7.5 epi which is the same setting I use for the handwoven transparencies. This project, and the others in the series, are all able to be hung up in a window or on the wall. I add beads at the bottom for added weight because without them, the project doesn't hang well.

One of the elements about weaving I enjoy the most is its structure. It's the odd combination of freedom and form which enables me to create these beautiful projects. By forcing myself to only use three elements - the linen, and the feather yarn in two colors - I found myself intrigued by patterns.

As I continue to explore the process of weaving, and the theme of the series, I think I'll find even more to intrigue me. It's one of the fun parts of weaving - finding something new.


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