Fiber Friday

I am on a bookbinding kick right now. Over the past two weeks, I've created something close to fifty different journals. Primarily, I started out with an idea which seemed to explode with possibilities. Now, I finally slowed down, but not without learning some new tricks.

Handbound Journals
The original idea was to see if I could cover journals with photos I took in France (also adding a few Ireland photographs as well). Here you see above the first generation of the concept. I changed the binding a little, but that topic is for next week.

Whenever I travel, I enjoy taking photographs of the places I see. I rarely take photographs of myself for a variety of reasons, but I love capturing moments and places. Sometimes the photograph are the expected ones like the Eiffel Tower. Those, I try to capture the standard shot as well as more intriguing elements. For example, in the photograph of the Eiffel Tower, I wanted to capture the immensity of the structure.

On other occasions, unexpected scenes arrive around us, like the smaller image in the photo above. This was in my first week in France, and we had walked into the cloister of the local church. The sunlight playing through the arches was mesmerizing, and it still remains one of my favorite images.

Once I've captured the moment, I want to utilize it, but often I find that the photographs sit in storage with very little to do, so I wanted to try covers for journals. My first attempts (seen above) turned out well. In fact, you can visit my Etsy site, to see other journals where I'll be adding more journals every Monday.

The biggest problem I had with using the photos was centering them well on the bookboard. The original idea to use a faint outline didn't work as well as I had hoped, so I began to expand the photo so I had some wiggle room. The second idea turned out to be the better option. I've played with lightening the photos to give them a faded look, and I've darkened other photos. The latter being a not-so-wise move.

The second problem I had was the spines, but I'll explain how I overcame that problem next week.

Still, I like the look of the journals; they're something different, and now I'm inspired to take more photographs and use them on journal covers.


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