Editing and Writing

Currently, I'm working on a few books, one of which is the sequel to Shamrocks of Stone. I finished what I thought was going to be the second book, but it turned out it was to be the third book. Frustration.

Noyon, France 2015
Still, for all things considered, the process will be worth it, but it is slow-going working on a book I hadn't intended to write just yet. Sometimes, that's the way life happens - you have to write a book. I look for the bright spots in the book, because it isn't doing what I want it to do.

For example, I need it to be darker, but there are these sunshine and roses moments, despite the difficulties Orfhlait faces in her current situation. I find I have to evaluate the story to see exactly what it is the novel wants. I know what happens, and I want to create the appropriate mood for it, but in writing it tends to prove difficult.

Thankfully, there is the editing stage.

Speaking of which, other books I'm editing are one step closer to the submission process. This week is the goal date for submitting a new novel to an agent, so it will be interesting to see how that process turns out. It's a slightly different direction, but through the journey, one picks up the various paths to take - sometimes unexpected, sometimes not.


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