Back to Work

This past Saturday and this coming Saturday were days off for me since I had no fairs. During the fair season, when everyone else gets off for the weekend, I'm readying for fairs. It's enjoyable, though, because it offers me a time to talk with customers about designs they want to see or items they want.

The same isn't always true for writing, however. Both fiber arts and writing tend to be done in solitude. It's part of the nature of art, when all things are boiled down. The alone time can be a great benefit to those who need the time to recharge and think, or it can become a great motivator to finish more to those who prefer to be around people.

I fall into the first category - I need the quiet time to think, and this morning, I much preferred thinking in bed than actually climbing out and getting to work. Funny how after a couple days off, the body just wants to continue resting.

Still, it's the beginning of new week, new adventures, and new chapters. The little time off helped invigorate me, and I finished a new project which I'll discuss on Friday, during the Fiber Friday post.

I want to encourage you to take short breaks to recharge your creativity, especially now in this season of change. Even for me without having to worry about school-aged children, I find my days becoming more hectic as the holiday season approaches.


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