Summer's Here

It's warmed up in Western New York. Honestly, I've felt like it was April, not June the past week or so, but thankfully, it finally feels like summer.

Noyon, France
One of the more interesting parts of writing is developing the weather for the story. As a writer of historical fiction, I can often find information on weather conditions from certain time periods, especially from the late 19th Century onward since most newspapers had a weather forecast. For other times, it often helps to read journal entries because if the weather is strange, people write about it. Big stories such as blizzards or heat waves normally make an appearance in journals and news accounts. It's the unusual rather than the normal which people remember.

When creating weather patterns for my fantasy series, I tend to begin with a continent and work my way down from there. Added to this, since many of my worlds are loosely based on areas around Earth, I'm able to utilize their weather patterns.

The weather influences building designs as well, for example an alpine lodge compared to a Mediterranean villa. Places with hot summers will have houses that can remain cool, while places with cold winters will want to keep the house insulated.

For us in the Northern Hemisphere, it's summer while those in the Southern Hemisphere are experiencing winter. As you go through the day-by-day, think about how the weather influences your housing, landscape, and architecture. By observing the differences, it becomes easier to understand the way weather has influenced your characters and their worlds.


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