Long term Projects

One of the things that astounded me while in Europe (both Ireland in 2007, and recently in France) was the plethora of churches. These beautiful stone churches took decades to build, and remain today with some bumps and bruises, but otherwise intact.

I live in a world where speed is the basis of life. My world doesn't always appreciate the time and energy it takes to make something by hand, though that is changing. It's interesting how in times of great upheaval humanity always looks back to simpler times and crafts,

Writing, however, is much like building a church. It takes time and energy, sometimes writers write by the seat of their pants whereas other times they form an outline. I'm in the process now of developing out a series. Normally, I have an idea where my end is, but I rarely mark out the points along the road, allowing myself to discover what is in the story.

In the current series development, that proves to be problematic since I have four stories overlapping in one series. I need markers along the road so I know where I'm heading. I don't like taking the time to do this, but I know it's worth the hassle to develop out the markers, placing them in logical locations so when I do begin the writing process, I will not find myself lost and in a tight corner.

I'm learning that sometimes we need to slow down and allow the story to develop in a slower method instead of rushing into it.


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