Fiber Friday

At the fairs, I inform incoming guests that everything is handwoven with the exception of the books. That has changed ... slightly. For those who don't know, I also bind blank journals both for myself and to sell at fairs or through the Etsy site. I enjoy experimenting with bookbinding because I see it as an art not unlike weaving - simple with lots of potential.

Journal with Handwoven Cover
Case in point, this journal. I had some extra scrap fabric laying around which was too small for a bag, too big for a dishcloth, and to short for a scarf. In addition, I had a text block I hadn't decided how to cover yet. Covering the text blocks was an easier choice what with the fabric and scrapbook paper I have.

The two seemed to be a perfect fit - the cloth was just long enough to cover the book, with a little bit extra, and the text block needed to be covered. Voila!

Putting flaps on my journals is not one thing I enjoy doing mainly because it usually involves a gluey mess. This time, however, it involved less mess, thankfully. Also, the fabric handled better than I thought it was going too. One of my concerns with my handwoven fabric was its thickness. Compared to the store-bought fabric I normally use, my handwoven fabric is thicker in terms of how it feels. Turns out it wasn't as much of a problem as I thought it would be. Despite the thickness, it drapes smoothly, and was less hassle than using brocades.

A fun experiment which just might turn out to be utilized more often.


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