Fiber Friday

Been a busy last couple days for weaving, primarily because I've been trying new items. Unfortunately for other items, my second sewing machine broke. For those who are wondering about second sewing machine, I inherited sewing machines from both grandmothers.

The photo is an image from my latest item - bamboo hemp mixture. It is pleasant to weave with, soft even on the cone, but the largest surprise was the amount of shrinkage after the first wash. I lost nearly three inches in the width and height. It was surprising because I rarely lose that much with cotton.

Still, I love the sheen of the washed fabric which you can see slightly in the above photo. The drape of the fabric is smooth and soft, a perfect weight for a summer dress, which circles around to the broken sewing machine. Unfortunately, the machine stopped working while I was sewing the fabric.

Creating fabric and sewing it into garments comes with a variety of surprises, both good and bad. Like writing, what I first imagine isn't always what I wind up with. Yet, in both cases, the end result still fascinates.


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