New Projects

With the summer fair season started, there's always the process of creating more inventory. Every now and again, I end up taking a chance and trying something new. Sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn't.

When it comes to clothes (for the most part), my first test subject is either myself or my immediate family. On occasion, I have used others, but for the most part, my family tells me the good, the bad and the ugly.

On the Loom
The above photo was taken this morning, and is my current project. I need another nicer top for the summer, and figured I could weave one. The pattern is the same one as another handwoven top I created (seen below), but uses a slightly different bodice.

Much of what I do with the weaving also plays an important part in character development - surprising, eh? One of the characters in a new series is a weaver who makes some of her own clothes. To create the character's style, I have to experiment with the fabric I have.

There are always limitations - for one thing, the character is wealthier than I am, and can afford better supplies. For another thing, she uses wool more than I do. Despite those differences, it's been fun designing her clothes. It also gives me an excuse to play with wool and other material such as some bamboo/hemp yarn I recently purchased.

Often, when my two arts merge whether writing about a weaver or creating clothes a character would wear, I find myself learning new techniques and coming up with even better ideas.


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